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Mr president they used to kick off jurors and judges for ever showing any kind of bias what is happening wheres our laws laurence thomas muirmcmurtrieit is illegal for a Trump Impeach Biden Harris Shirt judge or a juror to hide deny or allow their prejudice or bias to influence their thought process in considering a verdict in any case and no intimidation came into play until after the fact if you choose to call it intimidation the foreman is a huge democratic supporter in these times thats a big problem mistrial from the startpeople knew about her and covered it up its how it goes with all jurors. Trump we stand withyouif god be for you who can be against you. It bothers him tds treatment is coming in the cold they are pitching tents for days you are just exited by big crowds wish service to the people could be your key agenda else electing a clownwas a big mistake you are going to lose because you are doing nothing about addressing the fraud that is going to happen and if you dont believe it you should have a close look at what happened in iowa I live in boston and want to go

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