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I understand the fairness of having given the dems control of the house it just didnt work this timenothing fair about the way they behaved no lessons have been learned obviously dont count your chickens before they are hatchedyou are about to witness democratic election fraud on the grandest scalea practice run for the presidential election later this year republicans need to win back the house and keep the senatetrump looks likely to win trump by a Tampa Stadium The Big Sombrero Shirt landslide total control of house senate and everything else. I cant wrap my head around thiswell we see how the dems lean. Submitted a bill on thursday to take arizona guns leaving them with only small pistolswsee more open letter to facebooks mark zuckerberg owners of twitter members of congress and all american and world citizens why is it that when criminal donald trump always swears and always threatens people of america and the world as well as showing photos of violence that he portrays that he did it

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