Sturgis 81st 2021 Motorcycle Rally Shirt


Please get over it stop tweeting about ityou are the president do something to make america great again you are wasting your time and ours when you tweet such petty stuff get to work great next move which is of an Sturgis 81st 2021 Motorcycle Rally Shirt urgent humanitarian appeal please urgently sign an executive order so that americans dying of als can get access to the brainstorm therapeutic drug nurown the drug works nancy pelosi capitol hill drama matters little to those who are dying reference steven hahn at the fda if it wasnt for the lies the msm spreads your ratings would be through the roof. Are two negative antitrump comments nice manipulation therefb americans want to win again. Obstruction of justice is that a felony if the judge doesnt reverse the verdict due to a tainted jury is that possible obstruction of justice see more what with trumps daily attacks on the rule of law an exhausting primary season thats nowhere close to wrapping up and everything in between its easy to lose hope but even in these darkest of days I want to remind you ofhow resilient america has been and how well situated we are for the future dont give up keep fighting voteouttrump novembersee more president trump and

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