Snake Don’t Cough On Me Shirt

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Either pay or go away my understanding richard branson has been that supportive of his staff during this crisis if. This is true then i would say to The Snake Don’t Cough On Me Shirt government renationalise the airline so those staff dont loss their jobs. Lets face the government could get the business at a bargain and then the rich dont cash in while they. Have been paying bonuses to themselves well well well mr branson rubbished us about brexit mr branson go to your. Wonderful eu champs they did not even support their own members thomas cook was allowed to go bust why should.

Snake Don't Cough On Me Tank Top

Snake Don’t Cough On Me Tank Top

Snake Don’t Cough On Me Shirt is Available In All Styles

We bail out virgin we pay virgin large amounts of money to use their flights rail telecommunications nd banks with. Very poor customer service in return major shareholders are happy to take money out now they want taxpayers money to. Bail them out as well how about remortgage you big mansions and sell all your fancy cars etc to keep. Your companies afloat dont hold out The Snake Don’t Cough On Me Shirt begging bowl for the tax payerwe are skint most of virgin is foreign. Owned why cant the us france and the nederlands dug int their pockets as for branson well dont get me.

Snake Don't Cough On Me Hoodie

Snake Don’t Cough On Me Hoodie

Snake Don’t Cough On Me Shirt, Hoodie, Tanktop and Sweater is designed by Flickr Tee

Started theyve sent employees home without pay and are telling them to use their vacation time to keep paychecks coming. Why should government do for them what theyre not doing themselves for their workers if all these big corporations paid. The correct tax in The Snake Don’t Cough On Me Shirt first place in stead of tax dodging that goes for non doms too our nhs. And social services would be geared better for this pandemic branson google and amazon go fuk yourselvesrequesting bail outs perhaps. He should sell his fabulous private necca island in the british virgin islands why doesnt he sell his island or.

Snake Don't Cough On Me Longsleeve

Snake Don’t Cough On Me Longsleeve

Property to finance his business like a small business would have to sell their house etc totally agree needs to. Learn to live in reality im sure himself and his wealthy mates that pay no tax hidden in tax havens. Can afford to all go in together and sort The Snake Don’t Cough On Me Shirt finances out richard branson is a multi millionaire why cant. He sort it himself many self employed people are facing financial ruin hes alright jack virgin owner takes the profit. But hands over the loss to the british tax payers absolutely not with interest rates at they can borrow the.

Snake Don't Cough On Me Sweater

Snake Don’t Cough On Me Sweater