Proud To Be Confederate Shirt


Whats the problem thank you mr president drain that swamp love all these stupid comments from people who live in other countries lol quit worrying what we do in this countryworry about your own be saying a Proud To Be Confederate Shirt pray for a huge turnout pace yourself mister not. He is a businessman and he is getting things done in spite of the attacks our founding fathers never intended our political leadersbe a position for life they invisioned people going to serve for a little time then go back to their regular work starting to think barr is another jeff sessions too much evidence to hide arrest somebody were going to help you drain the swamp patriots have to stand together and help our president fight these creatures term limits for congress. Can you guys go any lower when it comes to democratsnothing is too low you deserve the smashing that is coming november democrats it seems are jerks we already knew he couldnt speak in complete sentences but figured maybe at least on facebook why dont you do your job for now and stop celebrating one possible future all the way they be goin down

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