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Loan to a company not a gift feel sorry for his staff but he can rot for he has done. Nothing for uk why should you when The Nah I’m The Cna Shirt owner sued the nhs he didnt think twice then sell your own. Private island and bail yourself out you do not deserve any help from britain after suing the nhs weve seen. Some lovely selfless acts from members of the public all weve seen from some of these fat cats is greed. This is just wrong i dont care if it is legally acceptable or whatever other bs justifies it this is.

Nah I'm The Cna Sweater

Nah I’m The Cna Sweater

Nah I’m The Cna Shirt is Available In All Styles

Morally wrong any large company with tax avoiding owners asking for help should only get it in exchange for ownership. Or shares to The Nah I’m The Cna Shirt current valueso the government can get its money back with interest this is disgusting bailout for. What your uk staff are covered by govt salary so whats the bailout for corporate salaries and paying investors as. Sir branson doesnt pay uk tax he is also multi millionaire i think its a bit rich him asking for. A bail out from the uk government he should be paying his staff stop dreaming of launching a station to.

Nah I'm The Cna Tank Top

Nah I’m The Cna Tank Top

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Space richard branson was happy enough to let flybe go to The Nah I’m The Cna Shirt wall let him dig deep into his own. Pocket not expect my taxes to bail him out help the rich stay rich the owner who sued the nhs. For not needing his help and won wtf sell your island and help all your staff survive tt if the. Companys not british not paying british taxes why should britain even be asked to bail it out id advise the. Government not to bailout virgin there will be a large amount of disgruntled tax payers virgin is apparently mostly owned.

Nah I'm The Cna Longsleeve

Nah I’m The Cna Longsleeve

By foreign airlines let those companies sort it The Nah I’m The Cna Shirt competition angle doesnt work for me because of they lease planes. They have less overheads and the fact that it is owned by two or three foreign airlines only gives an. Illusion of competition its more like the airlines get together and decide what the prices will be in any case. Why cant their billionaire owner bail them out richard branson can do this himself sell his island i have booked. With virgin for next year but dont want to line his pockets anymore branson sued the nhs s he has.

Nah I'm The Cna Hoodie

Nah I’m The Cna Hoodie