Lips Colored Deathpop Shirt


I appreciate what you are doing for america president its hard to beat a Lips Colored Deathpop Shirt democrat in a predominately democrat city like nythey really can only beat each other but with san frans housinghomelessness and new yorks. I was never able to save for retirement and never had a job that gave me the benefit of a pension or retirement plan im extremely concerned about my social securitythe democrats in office dont care about the social security because they made the money off the people some of the democrats in office made their millions through our government contracts that should have went out to bid to the american people social security. And I had the power I would fire all of them keep up the great job you are doing for us common people we thank you president trump and your administration for all the great things you have accomplished for our country we surely believe the lord is with you and guiding your path as you serve as our presidentit was great

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