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You are our president best speech I can remember out of state of the union addressmr president thank you for getting up there and taking the high road and doing an I’m With Stupid Shirt outstanding job it was amazing luved watching the reunion of the military family keep up the awesome work best speech. We only ask you get her set for the position coming thank you so much for standing tall and your non political stance obama one of the most untransparent president we have ever had born in kenyaand he called it his homeland all of his past is under lock and key what is he hiding especially since his real name is barry sotorospelling and went to school as a foreign ex change student really trump has done more for america than our last president mr president please do a remake of your old showand fireall the democrapsthey are shaming our country with their hate. I am so proud as an american since president trump has been in officehe makes us all hold our heads up high to show we are all important in the eyes of god and as an american thank you

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