I Raise My Mother’s Grandkids Shirt


Thank you president trump for opening our eyes to see the rot that has been slowly and systematically been filling the minds of our children id be fine with getting nancy out for a I Raise My Mother’s Grandkids Shirt start talk about wasting american tax dollars the american people didnt elect you to whine all day long on twitter grow up we should put on the national ballot a referendum to change all congressional tenures to only terms and no more lets get term limits passed during your second term get these career politicians retiredyes sir please get started the world is awake now to what has been going on for years and what evil you are fighting for us time for the knockout punch sir wwgwga joseph angel alverado who are you hiding from are you embarrassed to let the world know you support bernie. It was wonderful and refreshing to see you have done so much for this usa andbeyond thank you for what you are doing as our president so proud and so thankful to have you as our president thank you for all the hard work you and the vice president and your family are doing and many others that are helping to keep our freedom and for our great nation always in our prayers thessalonians it was absolutely wonderful. It is going to get worse new york is pretty fed upi was hoping so fed up that it would turn red this year and now your announcing dumb as rocks is running for senate in ny pray all involved in bringing on this hoax

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