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Island greed comes tomind x hope they dont get a penny privatizing profits and socializing losses let richard branson bail. Virgin out himself brandon has reaped The Heron Preston T Shirt benefit time for payback i absolutely agree hes a billionaire what a cheek. Use all that tax money you saved sell his private island tell greedy branson tom get lost ten his trains. Followed by brand new cruise liner hes got enough money to prop his own company up greed dive into your. Billions tricky dicky karma branson get some of your tax haven money to sort it and we all know which.

Heron Preston T Hoodie

Heron Preston T Hoodie

Heron Preston T Shirt is Available In All Styles

Way this will go tell branson to get his hand in his pocket branson has got enough money tell him. To sell one of his islands branson should be ashamed of himself he could always sell his island absolute disgrace. Of a man shame on him tell him to eff off and use his own money may have to use. Own money to get through this let branson sell some of his mansions hes got enough money to bail him. Out this is same person who can buy a whole island for himself noooo he got enough money to bail. The Heron Preston T Shirt, Awesome and fashionable T-Shirts of you.

Heron Preston T Sweater

Heron Preston T Sweater

Heron Preston T Shirt, Hoodie, Tanktop and Sweater is designed by Flickr Tee

Himselve out sell your island and bail out yourself virgin atlantic should be last on The Heron Preston T Shirt list ive tried bt. But no luck only on condition profits are taxed or it could be natiionalisrdike rbos why should they help him. Use your own money richard branson get your hand in your own pocket richard branson they can do one with. Bransons own wealth get branson to sell his island branson is a multi billionaire hello make branson inject his own. Billions first dont give virgin a bloody penny branson is a scammer hes not coming out of this well beardy.

Heron Preston T Longsleeve

Heron Preston T Longsleeve

Branson your having a laugh its only been weeks what have you done with your money its all off shore. Its like antiuk eltonjohn asking for helpto get his piano tuned and a few other things you have thats right. Why should we he could sell one of his islands what with all that money bransons got make The Heron Preston T Shirt airlines. Give up stock hes got enough money to rescue it the answer is no he is super sly frog he. Has virgin money thats worth billions he can sell his carribean island first we just have the beginning of the.

Heron Preston T Tank Top