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Is one greedy bd let him use his own money hes coining it with his private hospitals charging The Gun Piece Be With You Shirt nhs. They should help workers instead of rich companies havnt they been making a loss for past years if they have. Let it fold or let richard branson pay from all his money force the shareholders to put back in all. The profits they have taken out and stashed away in tax havens branson included or worse case scenario make them. Sign a legal contract that states all profits made after bailout go straight back to the taxpayer not one single.

Gun Piece Be With You Tank Top

Gun Piece Be With You Tank Top

Gun Piece Be With You Shirt is Available In All Styles

Penny to share holders until its paid off they didnt help thompson or flybe why on earth should The Gun Piece Be With You Shirt government. Help branston he is a billionaire with his own island no no no this should never happen let him sell. A caribbean hotel or or maybe an island should raise some cash hes just sacked all his staff hasnt he. Hes owns billions and has left others with nothing selfish prat bransons worth billion dollars why would he get a. Bail out or the shareholders bailing out them they reap the rewards no sympathy for branson the man who sued.

Gun Piece Be With You Sweater

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The nhs first billionaire branson was looking a bailout for flybe now hes looking a bailout for virgin The Gun Piece Be With You Shirt man. Is a joke doesnt bronson own this airline let him spend some of his billions to keep his company no. Way not under any circumstances almost no sympathy for airlines and travel firms who massively ramp up their prices during. School holidays and other events yet bleat when times get tough pirates if the government wouldnt bail out thomas cook. Or flybe then he hasnt a mission flybe didnt get a bail outwhy should he fyi branson owns less than.

Gun Piece Be With You Longsleeve

Gun Piece Be With You Longsleeve

Of virgin atlantic in preresponse to all The Gun Piece Be With You Shirt billionaire branson should pay he sued the nhs and won he should. Be ashamed asking for this no waythe only airline i have heard offering to help uk holiday makers stranded abroad. Because of covidis ryanairhelp them by all meansbugger off the rest they should be seen to be paying in before. Asking to take out branson has been dodging uk taxes for years he has tax havens all over the world. He should get nothing i think its billionaire owner should sell his private island nobodys gonna bail my boss out.

Gun Piece Be With You Hoodie

Gun Piece Be With You Hoodie