Eat A Bag Of Dicks Shirt


I respect all you do and the changes you have brought havent seen a Eat A Bag Of Dicks Shirt more positive outlook from a president so great job on that however a brush up on your professionalism wouldnt hurt novemberrd go out and vote. This year he cant wait youre doing great djt were behind you all the way praying daily for you mr president trump and thank you and god bless you and your great love and leadership to our country nancy pelosi needs to go to help keep america great if you live inca vote for deanna lorraine for congress. Keep your mouth shut and do your job no need whatsoever to bash your political rivals on an hourly basis isnt anyone concerned iowa has many more voting than population they are already cheating to get results they wantis it true that nadlers belt is taller than he is please outlaw lobbying and put term limits on all of congress

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