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Of course they wontthey will have more years to not talk about it glad youre coming back to our beautiful state. They spent the american peoples money on this when it could of went to feeding the poor and housing the homeless better medicalsee more please mr president who do we write to demanding that these people are held a Chicago Blackhawks Forever A Hawk Shirt ountable theyve wasted time divided the country even further than the obama admin purposely did theyve cost us a ton of money and look what theyve put youandsee more you do realize that it would be very presidential of you to address your country with words of reassurance and a solid plan to bring us together there is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties each arrangsee more without negative consequences that bs will continue they should at the very least be held financially accountable fined massively for the cost plus damages. He says he wants america to be great againbut he is doing exactly the opposite he is sowing the seed of hatred among races political parties economic levels how can anybody like this hateful individual

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